ICRA 2022 Timeline

  • Training Dataset Released

    Training and validation set availabe here

  • Test Set Released

    Available now! Click to Download!

  • Submission Deadline

    Don't forget to include your code link in your submission 

  • Award Decision Announcement

ICRA 2022 Workshop on Trustworthy Autonomy and Robotics

Keynote Speakers

Fisher Yu

ETH Zurich

Invited Speakers


Hanjiang Hu

Ph.D. @ CMU

Jiacheng Zhu

Ph.D. @ CMU

Zuxin Liu

Ph.D. @ CMU

Wenhao Ding

Ph.D. @ CMU

Shuai Wang

Master @ CMU

Jiarun Wei

Master @ CMU

Baoquan Yang

Undergraduate @ SJTU

Zhijian Qiao

Master @ SJTU

Ding Zhao

Assistant Professor @ CMU

Bo Li

Assistant Professor @  UIUC

Hesheng Wang

Professor @  SJTU

Sponsored By AgileX Robotics

Special acknowledgement to Shuai Wang due to building up the user maintenance system for our ICRA 2022 event.

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